Why work with us?

Because basically we strive to be good people. We are tired of the way many consulting companies treat people who worked hard to be among the best and thus expect respect and recognition, and we try to be as transparent as possible with our people, with the hopes they see the value and act accordingly.
If this all sounds true and not just corporate stuff, then welcome to our team!

Current Positions

Big Data Architect
We are looking for a Big Data Architect for an leading flight reservation company.
The candidate needs to be able to perform with the following tools:
- Spark
- Python, Scala, or Java
- Bash
- Being able to read in english
The candidate will work alongside a team of 3 people in the company's location in Madrid, developing some code
, suggesting solutions, and looking for technologies.
Send your CV to careers@syntheticdata.eu along with your expected time to start
Good luck!